My gran

One of the most surprising things about turning up for work in Artillery House, hosted by energywatch, is that my great grandfather apparently used to work here too. He worked for a builders company, Atlas Stone. My mum told me. And my son has asked whether he will work here too when he is older!

jan-2008-068.jpgAlong the street is a jewellers that my granny used, has been around for years. They get the prize for the most eccentric consumer notice in a shop I have seen, as shown here.

By and large, I have to discount family views though. My daughter thinks the new organisation should be called ‘Daddy’s Consumer Place’…um, NOT! But we are open to ideas on names with a fabulous jaw-dropping prize of a (small) book token to the winning entry. Thanks, Andy and Postwatch colleagues, for your starters for ten: you’re in the lead.

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