The number 83

Back from a couple of days with family over half-term.  

I met up with Sarah Chambers. She is head of Postcomm, the regulator, and we talked about the current review by government now underway of the postal market, how the UK compares to other countries – and what needs to happen next on transition.  

On energy, Alistair Buchanon, head of Ofgem, rang today to let me know of the formal review that energy regulator, Ofgem, has now set in train of the retail market. He cited high levels of consumer concern as a trigger, plus legitimate questions about the speed and concentration of price rises. That sounds like a genuine recognition of energywatch’s high profile campaigning. He indicated that the very earliest they would report will be to their Board in September 2008. So one way or another, this will be top of the in-tray for the new NCC.

Like waiting at the bus stop in the rain for a number 83, you wait for one review, then along come two… and out comes the sun.

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