Big cheeses

Having chained myself to the desk for a little while to get the practical work on the new organisation moving (and plan is to get info and progress ideas now out to staff), I came up for air yesterday.

I met the heads of the energy (retail) companies to tell them what we are doing. I said we will give you credit if you do things right, work in partnership if you help and campaign hard if you don’t. I told them the story of challenging the banks with a donkey to see if it could deliver money into consumers’ accounts faster than they do through cheques on inter-bank payments. “we’ll do what we can to avoid the donkey” was the closing comment from one!

Later, I saw David Varney – the inspiring adviser to the Prime Minister on public services. He sent a big message of support to all of us involved in the change. Good luck, he said. This is vital work and the combination of the general and the specific, he believes, will be a real strength.

I meet Royal Mail for the first time soon. So, all the big cheeses. But it is nice for me to be coming out for fresh air!

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