Harvard Talk

A week at Harvard’s Kennedy School has been uplifting – the first time back in the classroom for me for a long time… We work from 8am breakfast through until 10 in the evening, doing a mix of policy issues and personal competences. Highlights have included a run through climate change policy and cap & trade systems, how to use randomised trials in social policy and a session on negotiation.

The others are also nominated “young global leaders” from around the world. We have around 65 from around 40 countries, a wonderful variety and quality, from business CEOs, social entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, poets and scientists.

Josef, for example is a genetics scientist based in Austria, Canada and China who is … afraid of mice! But talking to him, and meeting Eric Landers, here at Harvard who led the public project to decode the human genome, opens up this astonishing world of discovery that is emerging around us and will change the landscape for us. The genetic variation across different ethnic groups is no more than 0.1% of our overall genetic sequence – the rest is all shared!

Knowing I love books, Josef has just given me a book on how the world can be understood through soccer. There are a few football fans across the three organisations I know (QPR, Ispwich, Liverpool, you know who you are…!), so I will have to report back.


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