35 minute queue – is it a record?

Up to Edinburgh on the overnight train for a presentation at the Scottish Consumer Forum and an opportunity to see Natasha, Tricia and Martyn from energywatch, Postwatch and Scottish Consumer Council.

The unfair commercial practices directive comes into force later this month, May 26th, and the Forum tried to work out what it means. It could perhaps be used to cry foul with the big name stores selling analog TVs in the Borders, where the digital switchover has happened. I recall Deirdre Huttton, one of Scotland’s finest consumer champions, complaining three years ago that it was mad to enforce a digital switchover and then allow shops to peddle analog TVs. And in a world of climate change, it must also have been mad to develop a tick mark for digital compatibility and then ignore energy efficiency standards as the UK replaces our screens…

The Postwatch team are working on the closure programme in the Western Isles. There could be a big battle coming up to ensure that communities there get an outreach programme.

And the 35 minute queue? It wasn’t my train there or back, but the Post Office in the Piazza in Paisley, which Tricia named as the worst in Scotland on queues, has people waiting for up to this time … anyone know of anywhere in the UK worse? GPs or hospitals perhaps? 


One thought on “35 minute queue – is it a record?

  1. Hmm, I remember my ‘call’ being in a queue for 45 minutes once whilst trying to get through to my mobile phone provider, does that count? (it was okay though, cause apparently my call was very valuable to them…..)

    Also, I went to visit the maternity unit in the local hospital with my wife and we queued for over an hour. To further rub salt in the wounds the heating was on full, meaning that the waiting room was full of over-heating pregnant women. Cleverly the hospital had recognised this and so had provided fans…….for the staff!

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