Can or can’t

I am speaking on consumer rights in a digital age at the BERR and NCC Conference on Making Europe Work for Consumers today. I have studiously tried to avoid giving any speeches on any subjects other than presenting on the merger to colleagues, but the team at NCC know all my weak spots, so here I am.

It is a straightforward subject in fact, because it is as simple as NCC’s Jill Johnstone once put it to me “They all want to tell consumers what they CAN’T do, but people want to know what we CAN do.” This is in many ways also the theme of a wonderful new book by Jonathan Zittrain, called the future of the internet – and how to stop it Jonathan has wisdom, warmth and better brains than any on internet stuff. His book is a great consumer call to action.



One thought on “Can or can’t

  1. ello. If you are speaking on making the internet work for consumers at BERR then please tell them the best way to make it work is by providing ubiquitous, affordable, dependable broadband for everyone, not just the people in the cities whose close proximity to fat pipes means they get good connections whereas those in rural areas get a half meg if they are lucky. Well not so lucky in fact, the simple fact they can get half a meg contended around 70:1 means that BT tell BERR they have delivered ‘broadband’ but in truth they haven’t really, well not good enough to drive innovation. What happens when people have poor connections is they get frustrated, moan, and put a lot of people off even trying to access digital britain and digital world. It would be great if you could mention this… thanks

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