Simply the best

Talked to team heartthrob, Joe, about new merger website. Experience of other mergers suggest people get all muddled and defensive about closing down sites, but you have to do it! Think of it as a spring clean.

Joe, in Cardiff Joe asks – what sites out there are formats we can learn from? I said Friends of the Earth – nice, clean site. Roger said Consumers Union, which I believe last year overtook the Wall St Journal to become the largest subscriber base for an online journal in the world. What sites do you recommend as good models? Hit comments and give Joe a helping hand.


2 thoughts on “Simply the best

  1. Consumers Union site is great – including the microsites for particular campaigns – see for example not in our cart for toy safety. Another good one is Greenpeace International site – not so much the homepage or the typeface, but the ‘What we do’ section. See for example the green electronics section.

  2. Haha, second after yourself of course!

    Thanks for this helpful post, and to those who have responded. I will be inspecting all sites suggested in the quest to develop the best possible web presence for the new org.

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