I am a proud member of netmums, despite being a patently notmum. They are transforming the consumer scene by doing the simple thing of bringing people together. Have a look at this thread of conversation from a day or two ago on helping someone on how to cope with debt – and how people who have gone bankrupt can touch and support someone threatened with it in ways that no-one else can. It’s self help and mutual aid combined.

One thought on “Notmums

  1. The Netmums site is clearly offering help and comfort and I agree, the way it works where everyone can chip in with information and help is great.

    The problem I have with it though is like many of these sites, the people who embrace them are more often than not well educated, articulate and semi/affluent internet friendly consumers. This type of resource will completely go by / over the head of whole sections of society, namely the poor and those who are not internet literate, or even literate for that matter.

    I actually signed up to this site and to prove my point as to what type of people are using this site, I looked at the Glasgow notice board and this is a section of the type of comments posted.

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good hairdresser with patience for toddlers?

    anyone want to go to the cinema (again)?

    Hi, does anyone have any experience of Montessori nursery schools

    Can anyone recommend a mobile hairdresser/beauty therapist who would travel to the Cumbernauld area

    hi i am just wondering if any body went to Gibson street yesterday. I had hoped to take my twins Octavia and Nevis along to join in the kids music and drama group

    Does anybody know where can I get adhesive drawer / cupboard latches??

    Given that in Scotland alone, 20% of the population have low literacy and 30% have insufficient literacy to embrace the ‘knowledge society’, this type of thing will go right by them, sadly.

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