This blog signs off for two weeks as I go off on family holiday.

A nice leaving meeting was with the excellent Jim Knight, the Schools Minister, who called me in to talk about parents as consumers. They are overhauling the complaints system as a direct result of my past lobbying and they are now looking at parents and governance (go to Scotland, I said). I am a member of something called the National Council on Educational Excellence and we were talking about engaging parents. He left me with a parting gift for my daughter, who has had her SATS results – a handwritten note “I hear you are working really hard! Keep it up, Jim”

One thought on “Holiday

  1. Hi Ed,

    I hope you had a good holiday with your family.

    I’d be interested to hear your views on the role of the new consumer organisation (is it Consumer Direct? – from the outside there is quite some confusion over the name changes) when it comes to business customers.

    Many people felt that Energywatch often focused on the rights of Domestic customers over those of businesses to the detriment of the business community. I welcome that the smallest businesses are now protected by the new Ombudsman schemes and think this is a step in the right direction.

    I am concerned however that the policy role that used to be owned by Energywatch to ensure the voices of customers in the Industrial and Commercial (I&C) market will be lost in the new organisation. Can you confirm that my fears are unjustified?

    I believe it is vital that these customers are represented in industry discussions and to ensure that Ofgem is kept on it’s toes when considering policy.


    Richard, London

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