Broadcast media coverage over the weekend about energywatch’s closure. Colleagues describe this to me as ‘valedictory’ work, but one could think of shorter words!


The Saturday morning TV slot on BBC breakfast news is at 

I said no to being featured myself. It is our job to campaign for better outcomes for consumers and I’d prefer to be judged by that.


2 thoughts on “Valedictory?

  1. Postwatch will tomorrow publish its farewell piece – a booklet entitled “Post,Today And Tomorrow! setting out a summary of Postwatch’s work over eight years and the development of the postal market over the same period together with a section setting out the future challenges for Consumer Focus and other stakeholders.

  2. I’m saddened to read this comment on the closure of Energywatch. It is, at the very least, unfortunate to find the Chief Executive of Consumer Focus to be publically dismissive of the work of an organisation that helped over 5.5 million consumers – and without tax payers’ money. I only hope that annual funding of £15 million will not be spent on think tank/policy wonk dalliances, and that the new body will not be used as a statutory vehicle to promote individuals own current research interests. I and many others will be looking to see how Consumer Focus’ work programme will emerge over the coming months.

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