When my kids heard that today, October 1st was the go live date for Consumer Focus, they replied “well, that’s a big day – its the same date that series 3 of Heroes starts on TV!”

Well, the new consumer heroes start today too. Good luck to us.



5 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. Dear Ed Mayo,
    Just to send all good wishes for the NCC in its new guise and union with the “other two”. Hope the marriage works well.
    –from the first Secretary of the regurgitated NCC under the great Michael Young, 1975-77,
    Retired but not retarded,
    Peter Holmes

  2. Much as i’m an enthusiast for Consumer rights and the idea of a more beefed up national champion body is appealing, a new season of Heroes does possibly trump this 😉

    I’m hoping Consumer Focus will gear up to make a big splash in the coming few months in terms of getting public profile and moving the consumer agenda forward politically.

    I think with the downturn beginning to bite consumer detriment and exclusion issues will become particularly resonant and its important that Consumer Focus uses its first 100 days well. The research and the policy ideas are there – the key is getting them into the political spotlight and the public consciousness.

  3. It is great to see that Consumer Focus is going to engage with the public and its stakeholders using new web media such as this blog. Good luck.

    Tony Bright

    BTW You might want to think about using a more professional template for the blog and remove some of the default features.

  4. Good luck for the new organisation. Think we may have met in your NEF days when I worked at the Countryside Agency (Commission), now Natural England (lots of mergers!) No longer there now, but have set the sust-it.net energy consumption comparison website, – it helps consumers make informed choices when purchasing electrical goods. Will be intouch with one of your team to soon.

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