Parents are consumers too

I wrote the section on parents in a new report out today by the National Council on Educational Excellence (NCEE). Parents and children are consumers of education but it has taken a long time to recognise that involving them works well in terms of educational outcomes. The recommendations go direct to the Department for Children, Schools and Families, but with a fair wind.

Gordon Brown commented today that “The members of the NCEE have already changed the world in their chosen careers. The recommendations in this report will help us to achieve our goal of achieving world class standards of education in our country. We must now work together to make sure that they are fully implemented so that the benefits are felt by all.”


2 thoughts on “Parents are consumers too

  1. Its an interesting read in parts and I like this bit – the problem however is that what is still lacking are the means to mainstream next practice in these areas:

    “But there is also a need to remove barriers that exist for professionals. There are
    outstanding examples of education organisations and professionals that are good at parental
    engagement. We need to embed the skills and competences for this into the heart of professional
    training and development. This is a process of voluntary culture change which could see an education
    system based around collaboration, parents shaping services and decisions, and making choices
    supported by the necessary information”.

    My frustration is that a ‘voluntary change culture’ reference represents a free pass for schools with a poor record of parental and learner involvement to continue business as usual.

    There’s some really interesting Innovation Unit work streams around harnessing parent power to improve learning.

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