How to lose friends?

Every passing bus seems to parade the advert for the film How to Lose Friends and Alienate People – and it is a little bit how I feel. The advertising industry took deep exception to proposals I sent them to clean up marketing on children’s websites. One of the energy company CEOs stopped by today to say how the Telegraph headline today, where we call for prices to come down, is irresponsible (because people will get into more debt expecting it to happen, but companies can’t deliver until wholesale prices stay low longer) and now the Independent is reporting that we are lining up to clean up the mobile phone industry, which is all too right, but no doubt will lead to a good deal of corporate huff and puff.

The film, by the way, is written by the wonderful Toby Young. Toby is, in turn, the son of Michael (Lord Young of Dartington) who founded the National Consumer Council. Michael told me always to be persistent, always keep going, to make change, so that’s what I will do. I can only hope that we influence more than we alienate!


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