Sap scores

How energy efficient is your home? The way to find out is to check your ‘standard assessment procedure’ score…or SAP. It is a score out of one hundred, and over time, this is an acronym that could become as important as APR and IQ.

Through the initiative of Consumer Focus’ Chair, Lord Whitty, we have introduced an amendment that we are now lobbying for on the current Energy Bill. We suggest that fuel poor consumers should be charged the lowest available tariffs until their homes have been brought up to a minimum SAP rating of 81. This SAP rating would on average cut demand for heat by half, lifting the majority of households out of fuel poverty.

Where are we now? The average home in fuel poverty in the UK has a SAP rating of 33. Despite the social, environmental and economic case for it, the UK still has a long way to go to get serious on energy efficiency.


2 thoughts on “Sap scores

  1. That’s all well and good but what real pressure is being put on the Big Six energy companies to reduce prices now!?!?

    I’ve been getting more and more frustrated by these price hikes and I’ve decided to DO SOMETHING about it! I’ve been setting up a website called which is designed to allow a large group of people to express an interest in all switching energy companies at once. The hope is we can drive down prices by being a force to be reckoned with. A very large group of customers should be able to either negotiate their own tariff or at least if we get big-ish numbers we will be able to keep the issue in the media for longer than the half a day it currently seems to merit.

    Have a look and either fill out the form or tell me what you think. It’s got a reasonable amount of information about the BIG SIX energy companies which will help you make your mind up about the issue.

    By the way, for anyone who does not know, the “Energy Retail Association” IS the Big Six as you will be able to see by following a link on my site. They virtually control the whole energy market in the UK despite what OfGem seems to have decided. Call it an association, call it a club, call it a gang, call it what you like. They all meet, they all talk, they all have very high prices. It’s time We All Switch together.

  2. How can people obtain their own SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure)score and is it free of charge? If not, the most vulnerable people will not be able to get it.
    Grahame Leon-Smith, Party Leader Senior Citizens Party

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