Young, gifted and virtual

Children are the fastest growing users of virtual worlds and it is in these new settings that the rules of marketing are being formed – or the old rules flouted. So it is good to hear that six virtual worlds have made it on to the 2008 Family Friendly Awards of the (US) National Parenting association. They include Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters, Whyville and Disney Pirates of the Caribbean. My personal recommendation, by the way, is the wonderful Whyville…!


One thought on “Young, gifted and virtual

  1. Well, what an edifying little tale. How uplifiting. May I suggest a change in editorial focus? Here’s a suggestion for an alternative post, I’d like to call it:

    Old, talentless and compromised. A day in the life of an ‘energy regulator.’

    ‘So called regulators are the fastest growing public relations asset of key global energy corporations. It’s in this new marketing environment that the rules are being formed – or flouted. So it’s reassuring for investors to learn that British regulators are able to maintain a facade of public confidence whilst simultaneously allowing companies to fleece consumers.’

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