The limits of information

nhsI am giving a talk today alongside David Varney and Ray Shostak about the public service reform programme in England. What has worked and what hasn’t.

One of my warnings is about relying on information alone … this photo is sourced from my social marketing guru colleague, Jeff French.

One thought on “The limits of information

  1. Sounds interesting – any chance of posting a transcript of your speech?

    Just a thought – perhaps CF should consider doing a seminar series with partners such as the RSA’s public services trust, or the Policy Network Public Services Reform Group around the consumer power dimension of public services reform. I find all too often that while buzz words and broadstroke notions about choice, voice and co-design are bandied around, the cut and thrust of much debate around innovation in public services delivery still focuses on an agenda where the providers or professionals are largely in the driving seat.

    Perhaps the new consumer focus could do more public events in the future more generally, in line with raising the profile of consumer issues to policy-makers, influencers and businesses.



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