Digital inclusion


Who is getting us all online? I met Helen Milner today who leads efforts across England to promote digital inclusion. 6,000 centres, half of which are libraries, are helping people to find solutions online. 14 million people are not online. We discussed also what companies and service providers should be doing to make sure people offline do not lose out – what does responsibility look like here?

2 thoughts on “Digital inclusion

  1. Give that you raise this topic, this might be of interest to you – its a briefing put together by Roger Darlington, from the Ofcom Consumer panel, for Connect the Union earlier this year (late spring or early summer from memory)entitled ‘the slow arrival of fast broadband’.

    I went to the launch of it at an All Party Comms group meeting, and found it to be an interesting subject – oddly Stephen Timms, though no longer the relevant minister, had enough interest in the matter to turn up and make a few general comments about the importance to business and society of further long term investment in communications infrastructure and an effective regulatory environment that rewards innovation and a focus on meeting riser consumer needs in the youtube age.

    Sadly I couldn’t dig out a pdf of it – they put out a very snazzy hard copy version of it, so this link to a text based version on Roger Darlington’s site will have to suffice to anyone who’s interested in reading it.

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