More on Consumer Kids / Energy cuts

The Telegraph runs a front page article on my book today – charting how schools are paid up to £4,000 to get children to do market research for companies and how children like Sarah, who we feature in the book, are paid to sell products to their friends. Harry Wallop who wrote this was nice enough to say the book “has a touch of the polemic that made Fast Food Nation such a brilliant rage against the worst excesses of the burger industry. Parents should take a look.”

But today in fact was all about British Gas cutting their bills by 10%. Now you need to know that for an average user, British Gas was the most expensive by some whack. So a 10% cut is not as radical as it might seem – they are simply now close to the cheapest. But it is better than a poke in the eye for seven million people. Some commentators have called it token, but I think we should all praise the company for doing the right thing – and the double the pressure on other companies to do the same and all companies to cut prices for electricity.


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