and boys

and a happy birth day to a baby boy for Joe, born at 11.16am today…

you can see a pic here of Joe, toiling on the Consumer Focus website, when he only had three kids!


Girls, girls, girls

Two new citizens of the world from colleagues and ex-colleagues. Saba has a new baby daughter, Zainab, and Marketha has a girl, Alexa – 3lbs at birth and hoping to put on weight in hospital for a few weeks.

Vince Cable and the pepper pots

Went along to a LibDem Summit on fuel poverty this morning – good selection of people, good selection of comments with Nick Clegg in charge. I described the complex and incoherent array of initiatives around as a ‘pepper pot’ approach and with my colleague Jonathan, drummed up support for setting higher targets for home energy efficiency – so-called SAP targets I have blogged on before.

Good chance too to speak to Vince Cable in the corridors, who thanked me for originally putting him onto issues of debt five years ago. I was speechless – this is the great man talking!


went demonstrating today. Robin passes me this message from Mats Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor who works
at a hosital in Gaza: “They are bombintg the central market square in Gaza city during the two latest hours. 80 injured, 20 killed there, all coming here to Shifa hospital. This is Hades! We wade in dead,  blood, amputations. Many children. Pregnant woman. I have never experienced anything so terrible. Now we hear tanks approaching. Please SEND ON. DO SOMETHING. Vi are living in the historybook now, all of us” There are many other voices from Gaza too.

There’s a petition you can sign on avaaz – fast becoming the essential tool in global campaigns.

Blog own

The consumerist blog out of the USA (shopper’s revenge) has been taken over by Consumers Union.

Consumers Union is the grandaddy of consumer testing organisation and their Consumer Reports is the largest paid for online subscription in the world.

Post Modern

After thousands of closures, there is one Post Office in the country that has now re-opened. It could be a model for others to follow, though like all pioneers, it was far harder for those involved, Essex County Council and the postmaster Prful Chavda, than it ought to have been. The Guardian today carries a feature on this sliver of a silver lining in the Post Office network.

Digital rights

Good news that Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Internet Governancthe_future_of_the_internet_and_how_to_stop_ite at Oxford and Harvard and author of “The Future of the Internet: and how to stop it” has signed up to the call for digital rights I have been putting together.