Launch roundup

The release of the Good Childhood enquiry tomorrow is helping to bring the debate on young people to the fore – not least the big question to which we need an answer, which is what is troubling children in terms of trends on mental health. It has been brilliant to launch Consumer Kids as part of this debate – and indeed Agnes and I gave evidence to the Good Childhood enquiry originally.

The roundup of media interest in the book runs from a news article and leader in the Times, their two page extract from the book, the front page news story in the Telegraph, one, two, three columnists in both newspapers, coverage in the Guardian Media section and a wide range of broadcast mentions, including Radio 4, BBC Breakfast, Sky and CNN. 

In a quieter setting, I and Agnes met with Robin and Ian from one of the agencies we cover in the book yesterday to talk through their work, marketing to children. Their Insider scheme, where children promote products to their friends, has attracted controversy… but as they see it, was designed for them by the young people they work with. I still suspect that a scheme that engages children as young as seven is questionable, but they have a passion for young people’s voice and a concern to do the right thing, so we will certainly see what we can do together to build common ground.

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