Consumer Kids makes an impact


I am chuffed to say that WH Smiths have withdrawn the Playboy range of stationery that I criticise in my new book Consumer Kids.

I blogged on this in December, after giving evidence to the Scottish Parliament with Agnes, my co-author. Edd commented on the entry that there were more urgent concerns in the world, but Kate said that she felt passionately that this was taking away children’s childhoods – which is pretty much the headline of the article in the Daily Mail this morning and the Telegraph online.

No doubt WH Smith can make as money from another range as they won’t have to pay the Playboy license, but as I said to to the WH Smith CEO in dialogue before the book launch, the Playboy range normalises pornography and whether they withdraw it for commercial or for ethical reasons, it is going to be welcome.

Well done, WH Smith.

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