1.2 million pounds

great news that the complaint we made to the energy regulator Ofgem last year (as energywatch) on Npower means that the company will have to repay 1.2 million pounds to consumers.

5 thoughts on “1.2 million pounds

  1. What you are crowing about. £1.2m between 200,000 customers. Big deal. What about the £200m npower obtained unlawfully from the remainder of their gas customers using the same methodology and has been going on since 2004. Why wasn’t that investigated by Ofgem. Did you even bother to report it to them? Perhaps it was a bit too complicated for your energy investigators to understand. Consumer Focus needs to listen and act upon information provided by consumers and ensure Ofgem do not come up with a whitewash, as in this case. Spend less time on moronic blogs and more time doing your job. If you don’t know what I am talking about do an npower search at timesonline. They have been reporting on this for almost a year and they are the only organisation trying to protect the consumer at the moment.

  2. I absolutely agree with the above. Ofgem’s report is a disgrace.
    They ignore npower’s use of 7 months as a year (instead of the usual 12)
    to charge for more than 6000 units at the high price instead of the 4578
    stated in agreements.

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