Your money, your rights

Thanks to Daniel for sending me this link to an excellent resource from the Citizenship Foundation – they are working hard to raise money to get it out to sixth forms around the country. image001

2 thoughts on “Your money, your rights

  1. Hi Ed,
    I’m really glad you like ‘My Money, My Rights’; we’re certainly very proud of it!
    We’ve actually been working with Abbey to distribute the resource to 14-15 year olds, and have just finished our first round of distribution to 10,000 students across the UK.
    I’ll keep you updated on our next steps with this project, and I’d encourage you to have a look at our range of economic and financial programmes for young people at

  2. Thanks for drawing attention to the guide Ed – really appreciated. We believe that young people – and adults – need access to the worlds of law, politics and finance in the kind of package offered by My Money, My Rights. Knowledge – and the skills and confidence to act on it – is vital if we are to be effective, both as citizens and consumers!

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