As the TV time devoted Margaret Thatcher rises, I passed her birthplace today in Grantham…

The event was a trading standards conference where I was introducing the work of Consumer Focus. It felt modest, but Ron Gainsford tells me that Britain spends 210 million pounds on trading standards. Comment of the day, after the good news this morning on the court of appeal upholding the OFT on bank charges, was Phil who talked of banks as “cowboys in suits”.

The interesting thing with the OFT court ruling (and a huge well done to all those involved in this campaign) is whether it opens the door to looking at some of the other dodgy and hidden small print consumers have complained about as unfair contract terms… maybe we can take a leaf from Maggie’s book and take them all on?


One thought on “Maggie

  1. The cowboys decimated 30 million natives to achieve their ends. And the current world financial crisis comes as a result of their ancestors’ activities: will these leopards change their spots? Perhaps, until the natives have increased sufficiently to return to their old ways.

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