Meet Minnie McGee

mix-0022mix-006Visited the Consumer Focus Scotland office yesterday (just back – late, late train) and here, exclusive for the first time online, is a picture of Minnie (or Mini) McGee. To the left is the original catfish Sucky McGee, who was the energywatch mascot and has happily made the transition to new offices in Glasgow and is in great shape – as the staff are, many of whom are working on urgent issues of energy disconnection and need a little light distraction over breaks.

Minnie McGee. You heard it here first!

2 thoughts on “Meet Minnie McGee

  1. Glad to see the little chap is doing so well.

    Everyone thought when I bought him for the staff, he would get eaten…

  2. Unfortunately the news is not good. Poor Mini McGhee has departed to the fish pond in the sky courtesy of Sucky. My worst fears have been confirmed. There was not much left of the poor soul by the time we managed to remove him from the tank (just a bit of skin and a fin) Needless to say Sucky was extremely proud of himself, as he had lived up to his reputation. I knew haveing others in there with him was sending them to a certain death!

    We have now taken out the two goldfish, just to be on the safe side!!

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