You are going get educated

Government Minister Stephen Carter describes the proposals for a UK Digital Rights Agency, which is about rights for copyright holders not digital rights for consumers, as a “straw man” that “could be torched, tolerated or a touchstone for the start point of constructive debate and design.” The discussion paper entitled “Copyright in a digital world” itself however is more explicit – that “fundamentally this has to be an industry owned, industry run and industry led body” that “educates consumers” – hmmm

You can input directly to government on this – by next Monday, March 30th – in what must be the shortest “consultation” on record.

The discussion paper states “we understand this is a very short response period, but stakeholders will appreciate the need to make rapid progress on this issue”. No doubt, all those industry owned, industry run, industry led lobbyists that surround government and the IPO are ready to respond…


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