A good week for consumer rights

It has been a good week for consumer rights – or, if you like, a week in which Government has clearly taken on the mantle of the consumer cause. On Monday, we had the new theme of consumer rights in public services (something I can claim some initial credit for, though there is a long way to go to make this happen on the ground). Today, we see the launch of the new strategy for consumer policy – with the possibility of added powers (a consumer advocate, as the new Consumer Minister described it) for our work.

I am waiting to read the published document, but the vibes are good and the timing is right, as without consumer confidence and protection, there is little way out of economic uncertainty.

Consumer Focus itself published an expose on Tuesday of some of the green claims of companies, with a guide and some recommendations on building consumer trust in ethical offers at a time when people are feeling the pinch. denmark 136

Outside of Government, it was a great privilege yesterday afternoon to meet up with Martin Lewis and visit the team at moneysavingexpert.com – we are going to explore some ideas for collaboration on consumer rights.

Consumer power is on the rise!

2 thoughts on “A good week for consumer rights

  1. Excellent partnership, fantastic opportunity for consumer focus to raise its profile and Martin Lewis to increase credibility – all for the benefit of the consumer. Too often statutory bodies seem fearful to engage with the commercial sector / media / celebrity in any meaningful way, when often there is obvious potential.

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