Apples in a windfall

Over the last ten years, we have had countless energy strategies dropping like apples in a windfall.  fuelmx

The new plan is a welcome statement though of how start to move from where we are now to an economy more in line with environmental sanity. And I am really pleased to see that our campaigning, in partnership with others, for mandated social tariffs has been taken up. These are the lifeline rates open to vulnerable consumers, but which have been a mess for far too long. 

Higher energy prices may make sense but they are far from welcome because it tips more people into fuel poverty – I did some of the assessment on this for my Green Alliance report earlier this year. What will shape the consumer response, in my view, is whether the big money that is now levied on our energy bills is actually good value for money.

Is the energy market competitive? Are government programmes for renewables cost effective? Probably ‘no’ and ‘no’ but let the discussion begin…

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