co-operative reading

bruceVery many thanks to Bruce (Wood), developer and entrepreneur, who has handed me a well-thumbed, fabric-clad 1942 book “Consumers’ Co-operation in Great Britain’.

This tells me that Co-operatives UK, which I join at the beginning of November, started life from a Co-operative Congress in 1869.

The founding object, which I think is just great, was set as “the promotion of the practice of truthfulness, justice and economy in production and exchange.”

2 thoughts on “co-operative reading

  1. As you might expect from a consumers co-op book, that’s only one part of the story. Co-operatives UK was formed from a sort of merger of the part that started life from 1869 with a workers co-op part that started in 1971. If you can reconcile the consumer/worker divide, that would be a massive achievement. If you also succeed in getting housing, marketing, financial and other co-ops all pushing in the same direction, we’ll be expecting you to walk atop the Irwell as an encore!

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