Lightbulb mountain

dairy 008This is Chris Welby, commercial director at Good Energy. We met to talk about the new green energy standard that the regulator is developing.

He also tells me that the big six energy companies claim to have sent out 262m low energy light bulbs – i.e. a remarkable ten or so per household. But if that is true, where have all the low-energy lightbulbs gone?

One thought on “Lightbulb mountain

  1. In the last two years we have received (free of charge) more low-energy light bulbs than we can use (our house is already fully fitted with them). Most of these were given away at events such as the National Eisteddfod in Wales and the RHS Show in Cardiff.

    Unfortunately, they are not often of sufficient brightness to be used as central ceiling lights, but are only suitable for lamps.

    So I guess if we have 10 low-energy bulbs fitted and another 10 on the shelf, then other people might find themselves in the same position and that would explain where half of the bulbs are! I’ll try to redistribute our unused ones and get them back into circulation.

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