Know your rights

Ed Mayo from Consumer Focus at Know Your Consumer Rights CampaigI am here in Bluewater Shopping Centre this morning, helping to launch a campaign which will go to hundreds of thousands of people over the coming weeks – to let them know their consumer rights.

And, to walk the talk, here are your fundamental rights in law. Whatever you buy must:

  1. fit the description given
  2. be of satisfactory quality
  3. be suitable for purpose.

Any doubts? call 08454 04 05 06.

Happy shopping!


2 thoughts on “Know your rights

  1. Concerning consumer rights and your organisation. There’s a large hole in it, which I would request that you consider filling. That is, that you have added a consumer forum where individuals can find one another in order to discover if their individual rip off experience has been duplicated all over the country, and each person left with the problem. Many class actions that should be explored are being missed in this regard, and many irresponsible companies are continuing with bad practice, or selling poor goods in bad faith.

    Please consider setting up such a facility as neither Trading Standards nor the Mighty Martin’s Moneysaver quite hit the spot,
    Best wishes
    Stella berg

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