The biggest bet

I have been reading, pre-Copenhagen, the work of EcoEquity. They have put together a framework for a fair and equitable way to divvy up action on climate change, based on what they call ‘greenhouse development rights’ and meeting a target of no more than 2° warming. It is good stuff and there seems to be reasonable agreement that that level of warming over pre-industrial levels is the maximum that we should expect to manage.

Call me frivolous, but I wonder if one more way to bring this all home is to run bets on whether and when the world will reach the 2° threshold. After all, we bet on everything else, there is a betting shop in every high street and taking a punt has become an everyday part of our culture. Would Camelot, Ladbrokes or Coral run this?… the biggest bet yet.

Perhaps the proceeds can go into development rights and the winner can choose between a fat payout and a comfortable life-raft…


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