The economical environmentalist

51+5C54nj7L._SL500_AA240_I spoke at the launch last night of Prashant’s excellent new book, The Economical Environmentalist.

He is always so good with numbers – and not shy at presenting them – and he took a particular shot at meat eating in a time of climate change. These were my favourites:

  • it takes fifteen units of energy to feed a cow equivalent to produce the equivalent of one in terms of edible meat
  • switching to beans does make you more flatulent, but cows produce so much methane that for the same weight of food, beef produces 100 farts from the cow for every one from you after a unit of beans (I am not making this up)
  • a 400 gram book is a good way of sequestering 1kg of carbon…

prashantprashant house

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