A dog helps dog world

I have given my first external talk for Co-operatives UK, contrasting what we are always told about this being a ‘dog eats dog’ world. In reality, neither dogs nor we are quite like that. We had a great session on the prospects for the co-operative economy, pulled together by the Co-operative Group, with an input too from Andrew Bibby and Diane Coyle – plus Phillip Blond, Neal Lawson, Ann Pettifor, Vicky Price, Steve Wyler and Cliff Mills among others.

I have pulled together some of the reading (thanks for suggestions) and conversations(you know who you are) into what I think is a really exciting agenda for co-operation in today’s world.

It is called A Dog Help Dog World.


2 thoughts on “A dog helps dog world

  1. I’m told the speech says something about the benefits of cooperation in the creative commons and Free and Open Source Software.

    I can’t see what you actually said because the PDF doesn’t load in Free and Open Source Software – it’s some sort of locked PDF.

    Any chance you can get that fixed, please?

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