Among the poppies

11.11.11 is the name of the day of international solidarity in Belgium. 11.11 is also, of course, remembrance day and today I wandered through a meadow of poppies in Whitehall – one I read was dedicated to the messenger pigeons that died in world war one, others to the wounded and dead civilians and soldiers from today’s wars. My daughter was chosen from her school to be part of the service. I couldn’t see her as I was passing through to meet a succession of ministers to talk coop – Tessa Jowell, Sarah Mcarthy Fry (the minister for mutuals) and Ed Balls.

I did see a few white poppies, which I learn from the unsung Coop News was invented by the womens guild of the cooperative movement after the first world war, as a symbol of peace as well as a mark of respect.

Red or White poppy, I guess that, in a world that tells us that we are what matters, we are ‘worth it’, it is good to stop and say thank you for what others have done for us.


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