Early learning boycott

I was introduced recently (thanks marjorie) to Emma and Abi Moore, who have THE best campaign of 2009 under the title of ‘Pinkstinks‘.

As Emma emails me to say, “there is a culture of pink invading every area of girls’ lives which we believe sells children the lie that there is only one way to be a ‘proper girl’.

Winners of a Sheila McKechnie Award, Emma and Abi are launching a Christmas boycott today of the Early Learning Centre – arguing that the chain is one of the worst offenders on the high street when it comes to the ‘pinkification’ of girls’ toys.

“It seems so hypocritical to us” Emma explains. “The ELC claims its toys are ‘designed to help children explore the boundaries of their imaginations and creativity, to make learning fun and help children be all they can be’,” says Emma. “Then you look at its website and see that the fancy dress outfits available for girls are, in the ELC’s own words, very ‘feminine’ fairy, princess or old-fashioned nurses’ uniforms. Boys, on the other hand, can be doctors; police or firemen and action figures like pirates and knights. We believe this is blatant gender stereotyping and certainly doesn’t stretch any boundaries for girls.”

This is a great campaign. Today’s marketing assigns simple and very separate roles to girls and boys – and whips up peer pressure to police the difference.

Good luck Abi and Emma!

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