Kit-Kat Co-op

Coopérative Agricole Kavokiva de Daloa, known as Kavokiva, is ten years old this year. Its birthday present is a fair trade Kit Kat.

Kavokiva is the cocoa co-operative that will be supplying the chocolate for fair trade Kit Kats, in stores from the New Year. Nestle’s first fair trade product was coffee, but Kit-Kat now takes a market leader and gives it the fair trade treatment.

The co-operative has 6,000 farmers as members, each growing on an average of 3 hectares. By buying and selling together, the farmers get a better deal and the co-op has been able to reinvest in the community, providing bicycles to farmers, loans for schooling and a health centre for their families.

The Kit Kat Co-op is good news.


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