A beautiful world

South London born and based, I am enjoying my trains to Manchester with my 3D view of passing landscapes and, this morning, snow lined canal ways and white tipped trees.

Two emails intrude, both on the rising phenomenon of co-operative schools. There is a trip by pupils to Lesotho, in the sun, reporting on their visit and experience with cooperation, South Africa style – http://www.youngco-operatives.coop/News/Young-Co-ops-on-Safari

And an email from the Whitehall brainboxes of the Innovation Unit, suggesting that cooperative schools are the future – http://innovationunit.wordpress.com/2009/12/16/co-operative-schools-the-future-of-schooling/

Mervyn, from the Co-operative College and one of the inspirations for this, tells me we have thirty schools now constituted as co-operatives in England with 100 expected by this time next year.

I can’t help feeling it is a bright and beautiful world.


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