Pub success

Brilliant news today that our campaign for an emergency service for failing pubs, to help them into community ownership, has succeeded. Three months ago, we launched a report and campaign on co-operative pubs, together with our federal member, the Plunkett Foundation.

Today, the Times reports that Government says that it will back a new programme, based on the work of Plunkett to save village shops, to give community pubs a chance. Wooppeee – and well done, the pioneers among our members who showed the way.

Looking back, Martin Meteyard has sent me more on the history of community and co-operative pubs. The Gothenburg pubs, such as Amadale and Dean Tavern, were an early alternative business model for pubs, some of which continue today. And in miners’ villages such as Rosewell, the Tavern was run by the local co-op from 1909. His note is here – The Goths_History Shelf.

Goths, co-ops, pubs and locals – a heady brew.

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