A co-operative budget

I was invited to deliver a co-operative budget this morning on Radio 4. The idea was to present a light-hearted alternative budget that focused on the things that money can’t buy – family, friendships, community.

Great fun to do, and to cheers and jeers in Parliament in the background, I announced:

  1. freezing homework duties for children
  2. raising personal leisure allowances for adults from four hours a day to five and a half, on an equal footing between women and men
  3. five new bank holidays, bringing bank bonuses to everyone
  4. a family friendly scrappage scheme, where children could exchange their parents’ blackberries for cinema tickets
  5. in the context of climate change, the promotion of public sharing rather than private shares
  6. a penny off business tax for all enterprises that pass ownership, over time, to their employees
  7. an increase in pollination rates, through the extension of the principles of NHS care to bees, with support for Britain’s 40,000+ amateur beekeepers.

You can catch it on iPlayer, 13.38mins in on Radio 4.


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