Fair exchange

Three great books on money have come in and out of my hands in recent days.

  1. Jim Lindsay is the General Manager of the Airdrie Savings Bank – the last remaining trustee savings bank – and dubbed recently ‘the last banker in Scotland’. The trustee savings banks started two hundred years ago in 1810, with particular strength in Scotland. Aidrie is the very model of a local bank, serving the communities of North Lanarkshire and avoiding all the speculation that has brought down other banks. Airdrie is a member of Co-operation and Mutuality Scotland, our sister network.
  2. I did a swap with Jim. He gave me a history of Airdrie Savings Bank, new out by Professor Charles Munn. I gave him my thumbed copy of ‘The Future of Finance’ by Dan Schwartz, recommended to me by Penny of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association.
  3. Then, in Newcastle a few days back, I met up with Patricia from Shared Interest, one of our members and a pioneer of social lending internationally (and I am a member myself, to declare an interest!). Patricia gave me the gift of a copy of their new book, for Shared Interest’s 20th anniversary, written by Sue Osborne and with a foreword by Harriet Lamb.

One book looking back 200 years, another 20, the third looking forward – all with an eye to making money work as a servant and not as a master.

Fair exchange, as my Dad used to say to me, is no robbery.

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