A quiet life

I was due to be in Moscow this week for a gathering of co-operatives across Europe, so I am enjoying not just quiet skies, but a quiet life in London and Manchester.

I’m still intrigued to learn more about the European experience. In Finland, the Tampere co-operative centre has been nominated for the European Enterprise Award. Thanks to the Centre, the number of cooperatives in the region has risen by 500% in the past ten years.  Co-operatives contribute, Johnston Birchall tells me, 21% of GDP in Finland, 16% in Sweden and 13% in Switzerland.

Big numbers, rapid development. Is this a quiet revolution?

2 thoughts on “A quiet life

  1. Well done to Tampere!

    It seems a great shame that lack of air travel causes CoopsEurope to cancel. We need to make co-op events more realistic for land travel, webcasting and online participation. I don’t know about CoopsEurope, but BristolWireless and The Co-operative Group have (individually) been leading the way in this, while Co-operatives UK and most of the regional co-operative bodies lag behind in this regard.

    For example, will Co-operatives 2010 in Plymouth be webcast and take questions submitted by social media?

    • The plan is to stream a number of the speeches and there will no doubt be a lot of twitters at the event using the “’#coops14” hashtag. Where we have stuff streamed, it is a good idea to look at taking questions submitted by social media, thanks. edx

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