Spires and spokes

I was out in Oxford today, visiting Professor Jonathan Michie and the Centre for Mutual and Employee Owned Business and then on, with Dan and by cycle rickshaw powered by Jonty, to visit one of our members, the Oxford Cycle Workshop.

This is an inspiring and energetic recently formed worker co-operative, recycling bicycles in the city of dreaming spires – plus running a shop and training a dozen or so new apprentices, who I was ever so pleased to meet.

This is my photo diary of the trip. Thanks to all those featured!

Dan and Jonty from the Oxford Cycle Workshop turn up outside Kellogg College

Jonty officially NOT out of breath when we arrive

Cycles for recycling

Garry and a rescued coop CWS bicycle

Orbea - a thing of beauty made by Mondragon worker coop in Spain

Jonty, back at work, aiming for those Oxford spires...

One thought on “Spires and spokes

  1. Oxford Cycle Workshop really is a great co-op. I went on one of their cycle maintainance courses (very reasonably priced) which also entitled me to use their workshop and tools on certain nights of the week – saving me a packet on bike maintainance. Another example of a workers co-op adding value right down the supply chain….

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