Stay private

Nice to see an idea that I contributed last year make it today into online reality. is designed to make it easier to reduce the amount of unwanted marketing material you receive.

In this initial version, Consumer Focus Labs has taken the Telephone, Mail and Baby Mail Preference Services from the marketing industries (who frankly try to make it hard not easy to opt out) and merge them into one simple entry.

Sign up once and will do the hard work of submitting
you to each of these services.

What is missing perhaps is a campaign bolt on for petitioning for stronger ‘do not call’ rules by the regulator, because the truth is that there are great, big, hairy and growing loopholes, like market research and companies that don’t subscribe, in the self regulatory system.

We can then stay private and take public action to keep it that way.

2 thoughts on “Stay private

  1. Like most folks I am driven mad with junk mail telling me I have won thousnds of pounds ect.(this is admail) I am bombarded with letters telling me I have won prizes provided I send them £19! I do enter Reader’s digest competitions regularly as I know they are genuine & I don’t know if this is why? Unsolicited cold callers constantly ring and disrupt mine and my husband’s peace, we are elderly retired people.
    Yesterday I was called by a firm of solicitor’s I assume, asking had I ever had an accident, foolishly I said yes but I was not interested in litigation, they rang back four times and only when my husband answered
    did they finally stop ringing.

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