Crowding in

Having gone through the publishing process, with Agnes Nairn, for our 2009 book Consumer Kids (now out in Italian and South Korean, with Chinese in the pipeline!), I know what it feels like to be a sausage in the pipeline.

So it is lovely to be connected up with two inspiring authors who want to do it all in a more co-operative way.

Henry Tam has published his remarkable historical narrative ‘against power inequalities’ as an electronic book, up on our website over Co-operatives Fortnight and downloadable and useable for free for the coop minded.

Martin Simon, who has been a wonderful time bank pioneer and the kind of person who could run the country, if we ever outgrow the profession class of politicians, has written to me about his book – Your Money or Your Life: time for both – due out this Autumn.

Martin is crowd sourcing the book funding. You can join in on buzzbank

It is great fun to do. Liz Laine who was one of the happy Investors in The Age of Stupid walked around with a big smile on her face for a month when that film came out. Sign up just for the smile.

Edgar Cahn, himself the author of my Desert Island choice “No more throw-away people”, says, a propos Martin’s book project, that time banking reduces the isolation that one old timer conveyed to him when he observed “we used to have community and then we got air conditioning!”

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