British Broadcasting Co-operative?

It is a time for thinking big about co-operatives, and while the ideas tend to be running ahead of practicalities, it is great to see David Miliband raise the stakes, by asking if the BBC could be turned into a co-operative in future. If I remember it right, some work and thinking on this was done in the heady, early days of life at the thinktank Demos – but then went nowhere.

What membership could give the BBC is more robust independence from pressure and bullying – whether from the UK Government or on sensitive issues of editorial policy such as Middle East politics.  This would have somehow to be optional membership rather than a compulsory add-on to the license fee – needs work and thinking but it is well worth developing as an option for the future.


One thought on “British Broadcasting Co-operative?

  1. Hi Ed,

    This (‘co-operatise the BEEB’) is been a ball that I’ve been kicking around for a while, and I’ve been looking to see if anyone wanted to come up with an off-the-cuff ‘mutual-as-public service broadcaster’ proposal for this series that I’m working on at the moment?

    Perhaps you’d consider doing it yourself?

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