Touch of the past?

It is just unfortunate timing that the succession for the leader’s son in North Korea has been broadcast while the UK Royal Society of Arts (RSA) tries to work out whether it wants to ditch elections to it’s trustees.

The delayed AGM for the society has included a motion put forward by its Trustees to eliminate the elected Trustees. Activists disagree – arguing that this is fundamentally undemocratic and responding that instead all the trustees, not just some, should be elected.

It is odd that some organisations that talk about social enterprise tend to do the opposite. The Work Foundation was re-formed by selling off it’s 100 year old training business to create a good old fashioned charitable endowment. The RSA may move to a traditional charity board, the critique of which is that they become a self perpetuating oligarchy.

The RSA’s current theme is about a new enlightenment. It may now be down to its members (‘Fellows’) and not its board to test whether it is indeed enlightened.


One thought on “Touch of the past?

  1. The minute you mentioned “north Korea” in the context of an interesting – and legitimate – experiment to see whether election or selection generates more member participation – I thought you must be part of the green pen, write-to-the-Queen, call your opponents names brigade. And then I saw that you can’t even get basic grammar such as apostrophes correct, which is an additionally irritating display of sloppy thinking. Aren’t you supposed to be a creative thinker rather than a reactionary? A lot of organisations find that direct elections don’t always work as well at getting genuine and wide involvement as more layered attempts at representation and participation. It’s not always bad to try an alternative to a 5% turnout election…

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