Big society, big elephant

We have a Big Society bank, a Big Society song (thanks, Pete), a Big Society Network – and now… a Big Society book.

“A co-op” author Jesse Norman (new MP for Hereford / South Herefordshire) says “is a form of organisation in which, very crudely, control is distributed not one share-one vote, as in a company. but one member-one vote. This gives it an intrinsically democratic character. It makes it hard to raise external capital, and it means a co-op always needs strong leadership on pain of becoming a talking shop. But it also makes co-ops extremely stimulating, energising and often entrepreneurial places to work.”

In a charming launch speech yesterday evening, Jesse likened the Big Society to blind men and elephants… and followed up to say that the elephant in this case was not Anne Widdicombe.

No… no Big Society dance. Please.


2 thoughts on “Big society, big elephant

  1. So Ed, don’t tease us. who are the blind men, and what is the elephant? Oh and I see the Conervative Co-operative Movement-stroke-Society is actively recruiting members now. D’you think you can persuade them to join as a federal member of co-ops UK? Then we can get them to participate in Co-ops UK Forum.

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