Mutual servants?

Mutual models for the state… can they work? I do hope so and there are some inspiring examples, like the Fostercare Co-operative, that show how.

The Paymaster General says it is more engaging to work in a co-op – the door is now wide open.

For all our success and recognition, our eyes should be wide open too though for employee businesses that don’t operate as cooperatives;

– Airlines in the USA – where share-owning United Airlines senior staff ransacked the business and ordinary staff and customers were left with the pieces

– Buses in Manchester – which were employee owned and then demutualised to sell off

Co-op Bob is keen on social co-operatives in Italy, which is a proven multi-stakeholder model with public interest written in as a core purpose.

We have worked with Local Partnerships and Employee Ownership Association on a mutuals information line. The advice, if you’re public sector and want it, is on 020 7296 6705


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