Yours to share

When I was six, moving to a new house and with the find of a toy truck, I remember being told that it is good to share. It’s a message that we are careful to encourage with young people but rather careless when it comes to adults.

Despite the many benefits of fairness, we are a unequal society. Look at who owns the land around us. Look at the roads long with single car drivers. Look at the rising number of homes with single occupants. Look at our houses packed with products for private use, from dishwashers to lawn mowers – all opportunities for consumption that would keep a village in Africa going for a year.

Co-operatives are a way of sharing. The number one association of the public when it comes to what co-ops do is that we share our profits (79%).

You may think us hippy, but after consulting across our founder coop sponsors, we are now going to make sharing the key theme and call for the second Co-operatives Fortnight in

The fortnight represents a celebration of cooperative action. In 2010, our first year, 2.3 million people got involved up and down the country.

The dates are June 25 – July 9th 2011 and we welcome your ideas and suggestions for action, fun, celebration and protest around the urgent call for a people-centred economy – a revolution that widens ownership and promotes sharing.

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